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Rock Solid Motorcycles was born in 2011, when 2 brothers got together in Portugal after spending several years in the UK gathering knowledge to build not just motorcycles, but to materialize their vision on the glamorous custom world. 
More than merely working towards a self-image promotion, their work and projects have always spoken louder than themselves, in the troublesome pursuit between form and functionality. Using obsolete resources, state of the art imagination and genetic craftsmanship they pride themselves in the excellence of their work. 
Proud of the past, eager for the future.


Our sweat tears and blood ready to roll

Harley XL883 Scrambler

Given the success of our 1200 Scrambler, we thought it would be a good idea to build a younger brother with different specifications and geometries, maintaining lively colours and eye pleasing proportions on a slightly smaller budget. And we made it.

Honda CB500 Cafe Racer

There are two ways to make a motorcycle fun to ride. Increase power or reduce weight, and that’s what this motorcycle is about. Not just for show, but also for go, we kept the stock motor, cut wight in 35%, increased brake power by 50% and pushed a 60% suspension upgrade.

Harley 1450 Softail Bobber

This Twincam based softail with it’s clean looks is so much more than just “another pretty face”. The owner’s requests were quite steep,so it was ergonomicaly developed for small runs around town and able to sustain medium distance touring due to it’s riding position and engine tune up. Completely road legal, dual brake system , internal throttle, luggage capacity and sharp contour.

Harley XL1200 Scrambler

Sculpted from a 2005 1200 Sportster, this our approachto a go-everywhere, do-everything motorcycle, maintaining it’s road legal practicality. Cooked with all the best ingredients for a fresh and lively flavour.

Harley XL1200 RS35

Speedster Sportster created from a 1998 Harley 1200S motor with a one-off 70’s racing Harley style chassis for simple looks and soul performance. Our goal was to prove ourselves that Harleys do not have to be bulky chrome hoarding machinery, they can and will travel fast, even if standing still.

Harley 1340 Bobber

This is very special motorcycle, totally crafted around a 1995 FXR engine and gearbox. It combines old-school bobber stance, high tech components and fabrication processes, minimal appearance and road legal purpose. The exclusive gold leaf /metal flake finish reflects the traditional kustom look we all chase.

Matchless G3L

A elegant tribute to the British roll in the motorcycle evolution throughout the decades starting from a single 350cc engine and frame loop. In house hardtail and frame modifications, original Triumph oil tank , glossy metal flake and gold pinstripe sums it up. Some traditional cork leather was added to seat and grips for that extra inch of truthfulness. So much nicer than the real thing.

Harley Hardtail Evolution

Built form scratch around a 1996 Harley Fatboy Engine, this unique handmade motorcycle combines both hardtail swiftness and classy looks wearing nothing but one-off handmade structure and parts and a kick only start for authenticity.
This is our vision of road worthy elegance throughout the times.


20 years of accumulated experience fixing, working, riding, building and learning motorcycles.


We commit to the highest standards and work hard to overcome ourselves and even our latest work.


I guess you’ll to have to take our word for it.


No work too big or too small, if your bike’s got a problem and you need it fixed, (not patched) do get in touch.

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Featured on 100% Biker magazine #208


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